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ATC Nederland BV exists since 1992 and sells and rents storage and transport equipment.

Our assortment includes Euro-Racks, Double Euro-racks, Big Bag frames, Cylinderracks, Tree Nursery Pallets, Plant Pallets, Wall Elementframes, Containers,  Tire Storage Racks and Specials. In cooperation with our clients, we are continually searching for new and innovative solutions to a wide range of logistics issues.

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Prices ATC

Euro-rack 1370*1000 mm h.t.h. : € 109,- per piece

Double euro-rack 1845*1000 mm h.t.h.: € 139,- per piece

Plastic bottom plate 1370*1000*10 mm : € 32,50 per piece

Big bag frame 950*950 mm h.t.h. : € 199,- per set


Prices are exclusif VAT and ex works.
Prices are without insert tubes.

Rental ATC

ATC Nederland rents out 4 types of products:

euro-rack 1370*1000 mm h.t.h.
double euro-rack 1845*1000 mm h.t.h.
plastic bottom plate 1370*1000*10 mm
meshwire 1370*1000*5 mm