The Euro-Rack developed by ATC Nederland is the ideal tailor made solution for almost every logistics storage problem. These galvanised steel pallets have already gained an enviable reputation in a wider range of industrial sectors. The wide range of flexible options offerend by the Euro-Racks system has made it the best selling and most frequently standard pallet system in Europe.

The Euro-Rack can be purchased as well as rented.

Dimensions between centre lines : 1370 x 1000 mm.

Max. load : 2000 Kg.

Dubbel euro-rack

Double Euro-Racks

Based on the same tried and tested priciples as the Euro-Rack. For products with larger dimensions we heve developed the Double Euro-Rack.

The Double Euro-Rack can be purchased as well as rented.

Dimensions between centre lines : 1845 x 1000 mm.


Big-Bag Frames

We supply BigBag Frames for the storage of bigbags.

Significant benefits include :

– flexible in use.
– safe storage option even when frames are stacked.
– fast and easy assembly and disassemly.

Dimensions between centre lines : 950 x 950 mm.


Cylinder Pallets

A safe and effective method for storing and transporting gas cylinders.

Various well-known gas suppliers have already established solid business relationships with ATC Nederland.


Long Object Frames

Available in a wide range of models ranging from light to very heavy.
For the storage, handling and transport of all your long products, including profiles, wood, hoses etc.


Tree Nursery Pallets

In cooperation with leading tree nursery firms, ATC Nederland has developed two standard tree nursery pallets.

ATC Nederland presently has the following tree nursery pallets always in stock :

– Large Ferro (dimension between centre lines 1970 x 1020 mm)
– Small Ferro (dimension between centre lines 1370 x 1000 mm)


Plant Pallets

The ideal solution for growing and transporting plants efficiently and effectively.
Significant savings on transport and handling.
Various models available for carrying different types of trays etc.

Dubbel euro-rack

Construction Work

Various options avaiable.


Frames For Wall Elements

These frames were specially developed for safely storing and transporting window frames and wall elements. This simple and efficient handling method saves a great deal of time and money.

In accordance with the European standard, all products which are used for hoisting purposes must be supplied with a CE marking.

All our transport frames for window casings and wall elements come with a hoisting certificate and a CE marking, thereby guaranteeing an even higher level of safety.

These transport frames can be supplied by ATC Nederland customised to your individual needs. We will be glad to consult with you on this matter.

We have three standard types of transport frames for window casings and wall elements in our assortment;

Length x Width x Height [mm] — Load capacity in Kg

Dimensions :

2400 x 1250 x 2640 x 2500
3000 x 1250 x 2640 x 2500
3500 x 1250 x 2640 x 2500


Stacking Boxes

Stacking boxes are the newest items in the ATC Nederland product line.

Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 500 mm.
1000 x 800 x 500 mm.

Tire Storage Frames

We have tire storage racks for tire storage.
Some important benefits:
– Flexible to use.
– Secure storage, even when stacking frames.
– Quick assembly and disassembly.

Various sizes available



Designing and developing logistics equipment for specific client needs.


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